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Unnattee Eusebius
The world is moving at a real fast pace and nobody cares for what the person sitting next to them is doing. Even being from the e- generation Unnatte Eusebius, class XI student of The Sri Ram School, Aravali has not forgetten her social responsibility and human emotions that binds us in this garden of life. She always used to wonder what efforts she can take as a citizen to provide comfort and care to her domestic help, school support staff and their children. She started up by teaching her servant’s children and later on took the next step and decided to raise funds for the poor children, who study in her school after 3pm. Along with some of her friends, she was able to collect nearly Rs. 70, 000 and used it to gift these children with Diwali gifts. Her effort was well appreciated and a smile on 200 children’s faces made her day. It’s been two years since she has been doing this act of kindness. Once she grows up, she wishes to change the lives of many.

Priyanjali Mitra
Priyanjali is a 12th standard student of The Sri Ram School and with her little efforts every now and then, she has successfully contributed a great deal towards environment conservation. From increasing awareness through presentations at various institutions to being a part of several campaigns, Priyanjali has sincerely worked towards the cause of tiger conservation and tribal rights. She has been a part of the Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme in Ranthambore and also helped raise funds for the same.

Ishaan Sodhi
Enthusiastic, independent and extremely confident, Ishaan has been working on environmental issues with great concern ever since he was five years old. He has been going around shops urging people to do away with plastic bags and use cloth bags instead and has always been successful in his endeavours. As a member of The Green Brigade at The Shri Ram School, he has been helping with generation of funds for the Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme during the school open days. During monsoon, you can see him with his team saving the wandering millipedes from being crushed under the feet of visitors.

Raghav Agarwal
Raghav is a 12th standard student of The Sri Ram School and has been working with Kids for Tigers since 2005. Over the last few years he has been successful in spreading awareness about tiger conservation through presentations, rallies, workshops and campaigns. As a part of Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme, Raghav has hosted several fundraising stalls and voluntarily taken up fundraising activities for the same. He has also been a member of the Gharial Expedition 09’ along River Chambal and attended several workshops on climate change and tiger conservation.

Aakaar Gandhi
A dedicated 12th standard student of The Sri Ram School, Aakar has been a part of Kids for Tigers since 2008. He has participated in several workshops on climate change and tiger conservation. Aakaar has been deeply involved with the cause of environment protection and has been spreading awareness and sensitizing people about the same. He is an active member of the Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme and has undertaken several fundraising activities.

Jaideep Chaddha
A 12th standard student of The Sri Ram School, Jaideep has been an integral part of the Rehabilitation of the Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme. He has also volunteered for the 4th tiger consultation held at Shri Ram Vasant Vihar. In 2008 and 2009, he took a trip to Ranthambore National Park for the tiger conservation cause. He has also been associated with environmental issue and recently took part at a workshop about climate change.

Nikita Seth
A 10th standard student of The Sri Ram School, Nikita has been a member of the Junior Tiger Task Force for the last 5 years, attending workshops, campaigning, spreading awareness and sincerely contributing towards environmental issues and tiger conservation to the best of her ability. She has been a frequent visitor at Ranthambore, undertaking various projects as a part of Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme.

Pragya Bhargava
Pragya, a student of The Sri Ram School, has been actively working since 2003 to spread awareness about environmental issuses. She has raised funds for the Moghiya tribe by making and selling cards, bags, bookmarks, coasters etc. from discarded material. She was also involved with the Gugal plantation project at Ranthambore. She has undergone training for tiger protection and participates in the tiger fest annually in order to spread awareness about the same.

Dhruv Bhatnagar
A class lXth student of The Sri Ram School, Pranay has been working for the Kids for Tigers since 2005. He has been closely associated with the issues related to environment. Pranay has constantly worked for raising funds for the Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme. He has achieved this by selling plants and saplings for many days with the NGO-V for Shwetza. Pranay has also been working towards spreading awareness in Ranthambore.

Aryan Dhingra
Calm and unruffled, this peace loving naturaliststudent of The Sri Ram School is all set to marvel the world with his artistic abilities. Appointed as the Peace Cadet, he is all geared up to make a difference with art, for conservation. He has been regularly painting canvases on wildlife and auctioning them, thereby generating funds for the rehabilitation of Moghiya tribals around Ranthambhore National Park

Aranya Dang
A talented artist and singer of The Sri Ram School, Aranya’s keen enthusiasm for environmental concerns has been very encouraging. Always ready to work with new ideas, she motivates her friends to work for new challenges. She has been instrumental in generating funds for the Moghiyas and the Hoollock Gibbons.

Nanki Kukreja
Nanki, a student of The Sri Ram School, is seen manning the ice cream stalls on all open days, generating funds for the Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme. Her consistent perseverance and dedication to her work has been a blessing to the Moghiya Rehabilitation programme.

Kimaya Kukreja
Gentle and sensitive, Kimaya of The Sri Ram School has an innate sense of responsibility which is reflected in her decision to work for the tribals around Ranthambhore Park. She is seen taking charge of stalls by selling ice cream and generating funds.

Devanshu Sood
Devanshu is a courteous, focused and balanced young student of The Sri Ram School. A team player, he can get a team to work together. Articulate and well read, he is keenly aware of issues concerning the environment and is passionate about them. A member of the Environment Club since 2004, he has been involved in various campaigns such as the anti cracker campaign, 'Say no to crackers' campaign, waste segregation and the Ridge Afforestation campaign. He has been a member of the Kids for Tigers Conservation Programme, in connection with which, he has visited Jim Corbett National Park and the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and met with several eminent personalities such as Mrs. Sheila Dixit and Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to further the cause of the tigers. He has been involved very closely with the rehabilitation of the Moghiya Tribe, a nomadic community of poachers.

Sarthak Malhotra
Sarthak is a devoted student of The Sri Ram School; is passionate about whatever work he undertakes. In class VIII he founded his own History club 'Itihas -Ki- Khoj'. In class IX he presented a paper at the 'Itihaas' seminar, an organization that conducts historical walks. This paper was applauded and won him and the school accolades. His sensitivity and concern for the environment has been showcased in his involvement in various causes like 'Save the Tiger’,’ Save The Yamuna',' Rain Water Harvesting' and 'Say No to Plastic'. He has been passionately associated with 'Project Tiger' for the rehabilitation of the Moghiya Tribe. He has also been selected for the TERI's prestigious LaBL Torch bearer initiative for providing solar lights to the villages of Rajasthan. Sarthak has been able to balance academics and co curricular activities with ease and enjoys both equally.

Jawahar Khetan
A dedicated and passionate young student of The Sri Ram School Jawahar has been working towards giving back to nature. He has often traveled to Ranthambore to spread awareness about the raging environmental issues and climate change and has been encouraging them to act in the best interest of nature. He has been working on the issue of vulture and tiger conservation in India. Jawahar has also left a mark by his concrete efforts for the protection of River Yamuna.

Paranjoy Roy Chaudhury
Paranjoy, a student of The Shri Ram School, has been associated with Kids for Tigers for over five years now. He has been a part of the Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme and his contribution to the same has done wonders for the Moghiya Tribes. He has been raising funds in cash and kind for the Moghiyas. He was also a part of the 4th Annual Bengal Tiger Conference for discussing issues ranging from the national parks to the Government and the Tiger itself. Paranjoy’s active participation in the Gugal Plantation Project brought immense relief to the villagers in that region.

Rishika Sehgal
As a part of the Kids for Tigers organization and the Junior Tiger Task Force since 2004, Rishika has endeavored to save the dwindling population of tigers in India through various tools like creating awareness amongst school children through plays, songs, conducting presentations in different schools and organizing tiger festivals, to name a few. She has been actively involved in fund raising for the Moghiya Rehabilitation Programme and worked with several NGOs to help build school for girls and hostel for boys to ensure a secured future for the tribes. An issue close to her is that of tiger conservation and she believes that the only way to protect the tiger population in India is by protecting their habitat. Through her determined efforts and initiatives, she has been working towards bringing a change for the better.

Kanisha Jain
An enterprising and passionate young boy, Kanisha Jain has been actively involved in working for the environment. Kanisha has put immense efforts for tiger conservation by his involvement in campaign, workshop and the like. He has been extremely instrumental in generating funds and creating awareness for the MOGHIYA REHABITATION program at Ranthambhore.

Kunal Dhanda
Within Ingrained sense of responsibility, one can be rest assured of Kunal’s sense of commitment and purpose. Supportive of all environmental issues, as a member of GREEN BRIGADE, Kunal has been instrumental in generating funds for the MOGHIYAS around Ranthambhore national park. He is excellent in doing ordinary things extraordinarily.

Vineet Kumar
Vineet Kumar is a 19year old,2nd Year Student, Studying Bachelors’ at Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok. He is not only a Social Worker and Entrepreneur but also the Cyber Security & Digital Forensics Advisor, the Chairman & CEO of National Anti-Hacking Group (NAG), a non profitable social organization. The organization works to reduce cyber crimes and create awareness in the field of Cyber/Information Security. He is also the Co-founder & CEO of Security Brigade,a company specializing in IT Security Services like Penetration testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Source code audit, Cyber Forensics,etc.

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