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While every effort is being made to keep the Karmayuga as an "Open Space Citizen Encouraged Movement", some basic guidelines have been framed to ensure that the movement does not get misused. Over time, we know the people will automatically ensure that all participants follow sensible practices. Karmayuga is powered by “KARMAVEER” and all the KARMAVEER values need to be adhered to by people/ organizations that join the Karmayuga movement.

Core Principles of the Karmayuga

  1. Non-partisanship
  2. No caste, gender or racial discrimination
  3. No religious biases
  4. No vulgarity/obscenity
  5. No physical violence/abuse

Primarily while KARMAYUGA advocates people to organize their citizen actions/ initiatives/ movements/campaigns/ events/ games in any manner they choose, within their own space & time, all citizens are also requested to ensure it does not, in any manner, undercut the very essence of KARMAYUGA/ KARMAVEER or violates the core values & principle.


  1. No event/activity, or print/visual media should violate the core values of the KARMAYGA/KARMAVEER or hurt the sensibilities of the common man.
  2. No usage of any vulgar/abusive words when naming an action.
  3. No action should encourage liquor and/or tobacco/ gutka consumption
  4. No action will be enforced on an individual against his/her own will
  5. Avoid using embarrassment or guilt to force people to participate in your action.
  6. Please ensure that any satire/parody of the citizen action is not done in bad taste
  7. Be sensitive to other causes/issues
  8. No actions should be conducted for any personal or commercial gain(s)
  9. Actions conducted in residential areas should not disturb the neighborhood
  10. Any promotional merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, caps, badges, friendship bands, etc. that is manufactured bearing the KARMAYUGA/ KARMAVEER logo must not be used for any unethical gains
  11. Please register your actions on the KARMAYUGA/ KARMAVEER site and await its approval (it will be visible to everyone on the site once approved), before you use KARMAYUGA/ KARMAVEER logo or collateral for your event.
  12. Actions will be approved only if they adhere to KARMAYUGA/KARMAVEER values & principles and should have specific timelines as mutually agreed upon.

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