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Simple Actions make the Big Difference

B’coz it is common people with voluntary simple actions who shall make a big difference in our world and become citizen heroes.

The concept in a nutshell:

Preamble: It was in 1992 that a 12 year old girl called “Severin Suzuki” silenced world leaders at the UN annual congress for being callous with regard to being socially responsible. She spoke about how future generations including their own children would suffer because we were making the world a dangerous place to live in with issues related to poverty, environment and businesses & governments that were only pursuing money and power. Today almost 2 decades later the world which should have improved for the better has unfortunately changed for the worse and is a more dangerous & unsafe place to live in with crime & terrorism manifested due to poverty, illiteracy and marginalization, epidemics that are spreading due to deforestation , climate change due to conspicuous & mindless consumption and various other burning issues that are not being addressed by world leaders even after their knowing of the urgent need to do something about it.

Hence the conclusion that with all the power play, wealth created and money spent on sustainable development,“No ONE Individual, Institution, Organization, or even the UN or any government can or has been able to Change the World over the years.” So is there no hope and is there no solution?

The solution: The solution is simple actions by “We the People”.  If every citizen practices her / his  fundamental duties & Individual Social Responsibility as a citizen volunteer,  then maybe collectively we could make the world a more egalitarian, just, humane & responsible society. Thru Karmayuga, we have embarked on DEMOCRATISING VOLUNTEERISM & HEROISM.  This is our Quest for “Humble Volunteers & Citizen heroes” who have gone beyond their business & life as usual by trying to make a big difference with their simple actions.

The idea: Last year when the founders of iCONGO spoke at the UN Volunteers forum at the behest of the UN office in India, we were saddened to learn that the Millennium Development Goals that were to be met by 2015 were now pushed to 2030. We felt that the MDG timelines would keep getting pushed until we started igniting the spirit amongst citizens to be the change. Thus was born Karmayuga- to ignite simple actions that shall make the big difference. For the past 6 years iCONGO has been scouting for citizens who have been the change and recognising them with the Karmaveer Puraskaar- (Global Awards for Social Justice & Citizen Action)-  for their inspiring citizen action for social justice. Last year after the UN forum we decided to democratise the process to promote volunteerism and heroism amongst all citizens. VSO India joined hands with us and thus began the quest for humble volunteer & citizen heroes who make the big difference in the world with their simple actions under the aegis of KARMAYUGA- the RIGHT every WRONG generation. Yes everyone can be a HERO and can now also get recognition as ONE.The Matchbox symbolizes the idea of “Igniting Citizen Action”. We believe that selfless simple actions can set an example for others and can work like a matchstick to ignite that spark to create a mass movement where all concerned citizens’ work “Together as One to Right every Wrong”

Imagine this:  How small actions can make the big difference?

  • If each of us has a bucket bath we save 350-400 litres of water. If a million people do that every day we save billions of litres in a day.
  • Each of us planting & nurturing trees could help address the issue of climate change. (The only way to address deforestation and global warming)
  • If each of us cleans 10 metres of our neighborhood every week! (we would have clean roads and thus a clean nation)
  • If each citizen teaches a poor kid ! (Maybe all would be educated and thus less crime)
  •  If each citizen decides to adopt/ sterilize one stray dog!  (No dog bites and rabies)
  • If each of us addresses eve teasers! (No abuse of women and rapes)
  • If each of us refuses to pay bribes and decide to file RTIs. (No corruption)
  • If each of us pledge our eyes/ organs  (Health Care  &the ailing may benefit)
  • We can improve the world by ourselves and need no messiah or mahatma. If each of you do your SIMPLE ACTION  to right  a wrong, anytime throughout the year and post the same on our website so that more people follow your example and become CITIZEN HEROES.

And the list can go on. In a nutshell the idea is that any simple action on our part can make the big difference. We do not need to join the UN, iCONGO, VSO or any NGO or give money, clothes and newspapers to any organisation / charity.  All we need to do is have a positive “I CAN DO SOMETHING” attitude, decide and think what I can do and then do our simple actions to make the big difference. And these simple actions that we do can be done in our own space and time. I do not have to go out of my way to go and join any NGO or spend time traveling etc. Just do something in my time whenever I can and I will be making a difference in the world for all my future generations, my loved ones and children. Remember a better society benefits all including our own near and dear ones.

Rewards & Recognition:

  • Every person who participates with simple actions shall be awarded a Karmayuga- Certificate.
  • A chosen few with the most exemplary actions shall be awarded the KARMAVEER CHAKRA that was instituted with the UN.  The Chakras shall be given in 3 areas
    - Actions that get the most votes.
    - Actions that have led to inspire other people to also do their own simple actions. (This would be based on quantity and quality of comments posted on a person’s action).
    - Actions that are most inspiring and thought provoking.
  • People who have been awarded certificates and chakras will also be considered for the Karmaveer Puraskaar in the future.

The most powerful cure to all socio-political evils is the creation of citizen heroes.- iCONGO.

In the future the KARMAYUGA promoters shall also be going to schools, colleges, businesses to nurture heroic imaginations especially amongst our youth. This would be a 3 pronged approach to create awareness about social issues, show people they have the power to be the change through stories of ordinary citizens who have done extraordinary work and then ignite action instead of inaction. This would be achieved though a gang of voluntary educators and leaders devoted to building heroism.


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