Karmayuga is the game changing movement to ignite attitudinal/ behavioral change where people be & lead the change” If you are a new user please read/browse through the entire Concept note, PowerPoint, Email campaign, Video presentation and Viral film to win your “Karmaveer Chakra” instituted in partnership with UN before writing your story or posting your ideas.

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Karmayuga - The Right every Wrong Generation

First we had Satyuga - The Truth generation or Era, Then we had Kalyuga - the Dark Era Now it’s time for “Karmayuga - The Right every Wrong Generation”


Karmayuga –The Right every Wrong Generation is a movement to bring together and recognise citizen volunteers/ uncommon & unsung heroes who, through their focused action, are trying to Lead the society towards a better tomorrow. We salute and showcase the extraordinary & inspiring work done by ordinary mortals & citizens in their own space & time, to RIGHT a WRONG that they see around them. We believe that when all this energy of “Individual Social Responsibility” comes together, then we shall “Together as ONE RIGHT every WRONG”.

The Indian Constitution gives you the right to Vote
It gives you the right to not let the deceivers come in power
It gives you the right to ensure your country's ruling is not in wrong hands
It gives you the power of a true citizen
You do not want to sit at home, swap news channels and sulk
You do not want to cry for justice, witness merciless killings and hope for divine intervention
You do not want to only light candles and sign petitions.
You ought to bring about awakening.
You ought to bring about happiness.
You ought to bring about a movement
You ought to bring about a change.
And you have to do this now…

Its time to CHANGE INDIA… and the C.H.A.N.G.E starts at YOU


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