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GOD Concert 2011
Date : 10th September, 2011
Venue : Hotel Park Plaza, Noida
Timings : 8 pm onwards

Gautam Ghosh Collective (GGC) and iCONGO organize GOD Concert every year on 11th September to commemorate or celebrate Global Oneness and Peace.The theme of G.O.D. 2011 is “SECULARISM” as Oneness & the Eternal Truth are both divinely secular! GGC will perform & also launch its latest CD titled “S!X” published by his private label Sound Syndicate.

Various dates have a designated cause/ issue based theme like the World Cancer Day, Earth Day, Anti Tobacco Day etc etc., yet strangely enough no date/day was ever dedicated specifically to the most noble cause of all-World Unity, which perhaps speaks volumes about the current state of affairs globally ! THE PLANET BELONGS TO ALL, across every nation & nationalities, across all species & life-forms that inhabit & co-exist within the very same sacrosanct & secular space we call Mother Earth.....yet, sadly there was no specific date/day dedicated to commemorate or celebrate this singularly simple & most significant truth!!!

All that changed when this deafening silence was forever obliterated! On 11th Sept 2008, GLOBAL ONENESS DAY (G.O.D.) was officially founded & publically declared as a day to commemorate World Unity- an assertion by All of Humanity as responsible global citizens to uphold the pursuit of Oneness....a “World Sans Differences” is now the sacred mantra of an ever-evolving global consciousness both at an individual & collective level.

G.O.D. actively works on 4 Cardinal Principles:-

  1. To fight global hunger & poverty
  2. To fight global warming & climate change
  3. To fight global terrorism & injustice
  4. Global self-empowerment & accountability

Artist- Mr Gautam Ghosh.......Originator of Hindi-Pop (1985) & Instant Glocal Jazz (2002). He is the Founder-Director-Producer & Creative-Administrative Head of the critically acclaimed New Delhi based multi-tasking Impromptu- World-Jazz trio, the “GAUTAM GHOSH COLLECTIVE” or GGC as it is popularly known since Aug 2005.

He is also the Founder of G.O.D. (Global Oneness Day.....estb. on 11th Sept 2008). Apart from his vast & varied professional main-stream commercial success & alternate- musical achievements, that has made him a hugely respected & much sought after creative artiste, Gautam has singularly always found time to craft & produce songs (at his own cost & expense ) that voice deep concerns over the “in”-human conditions that he keeps witnessing.

Please visit the site to view relevant subjects on dedicated pages regarding Gautam Ghosh, GGC & G.O.D. + Free music downloads & links to other sites for more on-line-music & videos.

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