What is The RIGHT every WRONG Movement?

RIGHT every WRONG is a movement that recognizes the Power of each individual. We feel that People are the biggest power in the world to bring about a change. If every citizen recognizes his power and takes a stand to Right a Wrong around him, then the society will become competent enough to fight against all the issues. If all Like minded citizens join hands then we can together lead a movement to Bring About a Change - The RIGHT every WRONG Movement.

Why does the movement have so many different initiatives?

We want to address the issues afflicting all the sectors of the society. We want the citizens to give up the Apathy and start taking stands. We have started different initiatives that focus on Citizen Awareness (REW Conclave and Humane Capitalism Conclave), Citizen Activism (KARMAYUGA and iCAN), Citizen Journalism (iDishoom.com), Recognition (Karmaveer Puraskaar), Corporate Social Responsibility (100 Caring Businesses and Business Leaders). We want to involve people in whatever way they can contribute towards the society. We truly believe - Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare, social justice can never be attained.

Why conclaves of this nature under the umbrella of RIGHT every WRONG?

The idea is to create a platform that focuses on empowering citizen movement and action for promoting good governance in government and other sectors. Read more in the Making of the conclave.

But Media is already doing that so why a conclave?

Yes News channels and newspapers are doing that but they also focus on other news and somewhere the movement takes a back seat. The idea is to create an annual conclave where leaders of opinion and lay people who have led change share their experiences to tell people that if ONE wants to, ONE can lead the change without holding powerful positions but by just exercising their rights as democratic citizens. The idea is to tell people that Citizens need to get more involved and govern Government, ask for accountability from charities & NGOs, ensure businesses follow ethical trade practices, ask media to report real news and not just sensational and trivial entertainment features and holistically lead the change. The idea is also to get like minded socially responsible and concerned Citizens to come together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG in all spaces. With the conclave we shall also commence the rating system for NGOs to promote absolute transparency and accountability by recognising small but effective NGOs who create maximum impact for community empowerment and all other causes with minimum administration cost/ overhead and efficient & cost effective management. Our idea is that any supporter’s social investment should have at least 80% of the money reaching the community directly and we have set an example there by being the first and not retaining any fees for fundraising.

What is the idea behind the Karmaveer Puraskaar (KVP) awards?

There are various movie awards, music awards, achievement awards that are mostly organised frivolously to promote media and consumer brands. There are wealth creators awards for people who have made moneys only for themselves without any contribution to society. However there has never been an award for real wealth creators who have selflessly created wealth for underserved communities or for concerned and responsible citizens who have gone beyond their regular duties to selflessly lead the change in their sectors and society for helping communities and promoting social responsibility. The KVP awards recognise individuals in Corporate, Media, SME and Government sectors who have led social change by going against the tide and taking stands and by speaking out with proactive involvement and interest for addressing societal issues. These are people who go the extra mile for community service and live selflessly recognising their power as individual citizens to take stands and lead change. These are people who know that each of us has the power to make a difference. These are people who prefer lighting a candle to dispel the darkness rather than just cursing the darkness. These are people who make a difference without expecting any awards or laurels and that's the reason we have dubbed them as THE NOBLE LAUREATES and would comprise of common and lay people like you and me who have had the fire to lead the change.

What is the RIGHT every WRONG band campaign?

The idea is simple. Get people involved with the cause dear to their heart. At iCONGO we have consciously decided to take people beyond giving. We do not want people to just give mindlessly because they are emotionally provoked. We want people to become supporters and activists for the cause dear to their heart. Sounds difficult but its not. Each ONE of us gets angry when we see something WRONG happening. However we prefer turning the other way. The idea is to involve people holistically with the cause by sensitising them to social issues with a simple approach by getting them to wear a band and log on to our website where we shall have essays and features on various issues in simplistic language. Thus concerned and caring citizens can read about the causes dear to their heart, understand the overall issues and go beyond giving by leading a change with other like minded RIGHT every WRONG community members. These members can also actively express their opinion on the website and sign up with others to intervene as policy change leaders thus ensuring good governance from the government.

What is mission KARMAYUGA?

The mission is to involve citizen action for social justice, not by JUST GIVING a little money or clothes etc, but by trying to create an attitudinal change in people where people feel they can do something no matter how big or small to be the change. After all much more difference can be made in a child’s or elderly person’s life if we give her/ him a little time, involvement and love by spending an hour a week/ month to read a story/ or a poem/ prayer and mentor the process rather than by JUST GIVING SOME MONEY and thinking we have done our bit without knowing how the child is really progressing at a personal level.

Why the 40 days period?

40 is a very important number in all religions. 40 days is recognised by most religions as the time required for cleansing one’s body and soul by practicing austerity, atonement and abstinence. Be it Lent for the Christians or Ramzan for the Muslims. The Jews have the 40 days of awe beginning at sunset on Rosh Chodesh Elul, the first day of the month of Elul, and ending on Yom Kipur or the Day of Atonement. The chalisa (40 verses) is an important prayer for the Hindus. 40 days they say is the time taken for a baby to be formed in the womb. 40 days is the time it takes for the Earth to eclipse the moon. 40 days is the period that Noah was given as the ultimate end where he had to save a pair of each species of the animal kingdom. All mothers and babies mostly have 40 days of confinement after delivery to ensure that the mother and baby do not succumb to any infections. A 40-something time period, whether days, months, or years is ALWAYS a period of testing, trial, probation, or discipline and ends with a period of restoration, revival or renewal.

Hence we at iCONGO decided to cut across all religions in India and build a 40 day period beginning on our Independence Day annually, where citizens practice the biggest religion of all HUMANITY and contribute whatever little they can to be the change and RIGHT a WRONG in their own TIME and SPACE. We are building upon the idea that TOGETHER as ONE we as CITIZENS can RIGHT every WRONG.

Imagine the energy when everyone does something in their own little way with great love, compassion and courage of conviction to be and lead the change

What are the objectives of KARMAYUGA?

Simply put to make people understand that we as citizens have the power to be the change and thus encourage citizen action for social justice. If we want to build a great nation, each of us has to participate and try to RIGHT whatever WRONGs we can at our personal level. It is the power of ONE to be the change and light a candle to dispel the darkness rather than just blaming the system and everyone else for what’s going wrong without understanding and owning up our personal responsibility.

Why not just ask people to GIVE rather than do things at their own personal level?

While we at iCONGO understand the importance of money to work with cause our mission mantra has always been PLEASE DO NOT JUST GIVE MONEY, GIVE TIME, INVOLVEMENT and EFFORTS to be the change and advocate for the cause dear to your heart. For us it is the change within each person that matters. It’s not about money as we frankly believe that JUST GIVING MONEY to a child’s face because one gets emotionally provoked is like giving money to a child begging on the street who we have forgotten at the next traffic light. Over the years many children, who have been sponsored by people like you and us, have ended up using drugs, as rag pickers or as people with no opportunities in life due to the lack of our involvement to know how the child we supported through a charity (that has failed to make an impact) was impacted. The idea is how do we ensure that child gets her/ his rights and has an opportunity in life for the long term and thats the task to get people more involved to understand and ask for IMPACT and ACCOUNTABILITY, be it with a child we would like to support or with our taxes which should have been used to make a positive impact in the child’s life but are somehow not reaching the child due to our apathy and lack of interest to ask for accountability. Sounds like a plan but yet very utopian, so why dont you people use your time and efforts well and just collect funds? RIGHT. But that is exactly the point. We know the mission sounds utopian and overwhelming and it is easier just getting moneys and collecting funds. But the idea is to make people understand that we as individuals can be the change and can make the difference by having the right attitude and getting rid of our apathy. Since everyone else is collecting funds we always believed that we need to try and address the apathy and get people to be the change by creating an attitudinal change within a person as then we can really achieve IMPACT and have ACCOUNTABILITY. We have been encouraging the RIGHT every WRONG movement effectively for the past few years now and there are various people out there who have joined up and decided to be the change and also inspire change. After all like Mother Theresa said we can only do small things with great love and do our bit while we are in this world. And that is our endeavour so while most people feel it is utopian and we are better off just collecting funds we feel we are investing our time and efforts well to mobilize CITIZEN ACTION for SOCIAL JUSTICE where people come together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG.

So does this mean that we as citizens should only RIGHT a WRONG or try to RIGHT every WRONG only during the KARMAYUGA?

No. That is like saying we should sin through the year and then ask for repentance during Lent or Ramzan or when we pray. KARMAYUGA is being created as THE RIGHT EVERY WRONG PERIOD when you share your anecdote/s of what you have done to RIGHT a WRONG or WRONGS through the year and also try and inspire others (at least ONE PERSON- EACH ONE REACH ONE) to be the change and RIGHT every WRONG and share it with us. It is also during the KARMAYUGA that our panel of judges (comprising of past KARMAVEER HEROES) would choose the 100 best examples of people RIGHTING WRONGs who would be awarded the KARMAVEER HERO CHAKRA on 26th November.

Who are the KARMAYUGA Heroes?

These are people who have the Courage of Conviction to stand up against something which is wrong. These people believe in the saying- It is better to Light a Candle than to curse the darkness. They have started small movements in their own space and have inspired a lot of other people to give up the apathetic attitude. We salute these Change Leaders who have worked selflessly for the society and have managed to ignite a spark of change in the hearts of people around them

How can I be a part of this movement?

You can join any of our initiatives as a volunteer. Most important is that you can start imbibing the true Right every Spirit and start inspiring people around you. Please write to us and Join our Movement.

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