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iCONGO in a Nutshell : The International Confederation of NGOs- (www.icongo.in) passionately works with PEOPLE, for encouraging social justice through citizen action. On the other end, we work with the PEOPLE SECTOR (i.e.. the NGOs which are rapidly losing out on credibility today), to reclaim and preserve public trust for the sector. Mostly managed by JUST VOLUNTEERS (which includes various concerned citizens and a few eminent people from Government, Academia, Literati, Media & India Inc), we sensitise "citizens at large" to "Be the change we want to see in our world” and go beyond JUST GIVING MONEY (as small donations without our looking into impact & accountability cannot change the world).

We started iCONGO with the hope of getting people to invest time , efforts & involvement for creating an egalitarian, just, caring & responsible society. We promote 26/11 every year as the “National Citizen Action Day”. We have been doing this from 2004 to inculcate the spirit of citizen action, in sync with our constitutional preamble adopted on 26/11 in 1949 .

Our constitution also has the "Ten Fundamental Duties" that were added in the 42nd Amendment of the constitution in 1976, which every Indian must fulfill for nation building and in order to enjoy one’s fundamental rights: Know your fundamental duties & rights on http://www.iloveindia.com/constitution-of-india/fundamental-duties.html and do something noble, no matter how big or small for our beloved country & people. We firmly believe that it is not mindless & arrogant charity, but involved & We consciously have taken the less trodden path, to encourage more involvement of citizens with social issues rather than JUST asking for a little money to charity. We have no delusions of saving the world or righting every wrong, by ourselves, but strive to ignite “action against apathy” by getting people involved, to right a wrong in their own space & time for being and leading the change. Therefore our call for action is to come become a collective force because “Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG”. Yes that is our passion mantra.

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India envisions an equitable society where citizens take responsibility and action for the alleviation of poverty and exclusion. Mission
Mobilise people to participate actively in the development process through volunteering, active citizenship, collective action and advocacy.
V for India
VSO India works through the V for India program and active citizenship to address Governance processes which will bring about a change and development in the thematic areas of access to entitlements, health, education, environment and livelihoods.
V for India is envisaged to be achieved through sustainable and long-term partnerships with various stakeholders including civil society organisations, UN and government agencies, as well as national and international organisations through the following approaches:
1. Community volunteering
2. Youth volunteering
3. Corporate volunteering
4. Mass volunteering
5. Diaspora volunteering


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