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Simply put “anyone and everyone can participate and no one needs to give any money or do anything extra but just things that you feel need to be RIGHTED in your own way. If you have the zeal to Be The Change and have been doing anything small or big to right a wrong, anytime throughout the year , then join us to ignite a similar spark in others around you. It is very simple to be a part of Karmayuga. Just log on to our website and post your Citizen Action Story/picture/video, or join one of our Karmayuga Initiatives, started by our Initiative Partners.

You can also join this movement by sending us your Ideas on the Campaign of the month. The entries will be up on our website for voting/comments and Testimonial . The best entries will be awarded the Karmaveer Chakra, the national Medallion for proactive Volunteer Action, initiated in association with the UN.


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