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The Matchbox symbolizes the idea of “Igniting Citizen Action”. We believe that selfless citizen Action can set an example for others and can work like a matchstick to ignite that spark to create a mass movement where all concerned citizens’ work “Together as One to Right every Wrong”

Initially we had picked up a 40 day Period from 15 August to 25 September as the RIGHT every WRONG era for reporting Citizen Action under Karmayuga, as 40 is a very important number in all religions. ‘40 days’ is recognised by most religions as the time required for cleansing one’s body and soul by practicing austerity, atonement and abstinence. Hence we decided to cut across all religions in India and build a 40 day period beginning on our Independence day annually, where citizens practice the biggest religion of all “HUMANITY” and contribute whatever little they can to be the change and RIGHT a WRONG in their own TIME and SPACE. We are building upon the idea that when each & every citizen decides to do something for the society then truly we can make a difference because “TOGETHER as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG”.

But the overwhelming response to our announcement last year and work being done by our Citizen volunteers has inspired us to celebrate Karmayuga throughout the year. So we Invite Individuals/organisations to join hands with us and showcase the work done by our Citizen Heroes throughout the year. Let us get Together to Right every Wrong and spread this movement to inspire others to join in for a better tomorrow.


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